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liuyi Février 8

Haier, TCL, successful, but an important reason is that they are deeply imprinted on the Chinese brand, a lot of ordinary Westerners need to know and change the traditional impression of the country. Nike, the US domestic brands, in fact, a large number of production in China, the Americans are full of joy to open arms to embrace them with this reason,outdoor deck for sale

Lu Weiguang has been successful in China to abandon the Shun brand, well-known Western myth Name, but also registered in the United States, then the floor in the end from China or Brazil, the Americans have not important.With the participation of the President of the Carlyle team, but also makes the Ark more "local." 55 shops,price list wpc floor product for sale europe

Carlyle's managing director Sean personally to invite the local governor, members and other celebrities, Ark was launched for the conference, as an investor, shareholders, personally carrying the goods to go Marketing, which in Carlyle's history is the first time. Sean believes that Carlyle shares Shun, is an investment they feel very honored.glitter pvc wall and ceiling panels